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Custom make your cartons with Conpac, easy to design with our design tool that allows you to pick out board grades, styles and more Call our sales team if you don't want to use the design tool and they will be more than happy to help you create something to suit your needs

Customise Box On Your Own

Don’t Know How To Customise? Follow These Steps

Every Business has unique packaging challenges. We give you the power to create custom packing designs with full customization and you can bring your ideas to life. Design your box online in minutes and make your brand stand out.

Choose Your Box & Material


Select Desire Board, Board Color & Board Thickness

Design Your Box With Us


Input Desire Custom Size, & Box Design

Select Quanity & Place Your Order


Select The Quantity Of Your Customized Box & Place Order

Design what’s on your mind

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Our Customized Boxes

We manufacture a huge range of packaging. From standard brown shippers to fully printed cartons ready to go. If you can’t see a particular size or style in our range please contact our team by email or phone and let us know what type of carton you are after with the dimensions. We will be able to produce something custom made to match your requirements

Pick the Box Dimensions

All the box dimensions mentioned in the tool are in millimeters(mm). Convert your box dimensions to millimeters to get a perfect-sized box.

Need assistance? We are with you

Not sure about the box you want or the exact dimensions you need to input? We are all ears and will help you with the best suggestion.

See before it is made

Our tool offers OPEN VIEW and CLOSED VIEW of the box so that you are doubly sure about what are you going to get before it is finalized.

Save and Download the design

Our tool lets you save the design and download it to your system. You might use it for further discussions or keep a printed copy as a record.

Shape your Custom Box

We offer a wide range of box styles and sizes. You can choose the one that fits your needs and start designing the box in 3D.

Fixed Size Packaging

The tool provides ready-to-use standard box sizes to choose from. You can completely personalize it to suit your packaging requirements.

If you can dream, we can build.

If you have a specific design in your mind, you have complete freedom to be creative and produce a customized box design with our editor.

Dynamically create your box

Simply input the dimensions (length, width, and height) of the required box and your packaging solution will be instantly created.

Ergonomics Counts

The box is not just a wrapping item. The material of the box speaks volumes about your product. Proper material and design are of utmost importance.

Be an Architect

Who would want to live in a house made of cheese? Summers would be hell. So think like an architect and pick the right material for the box.

Material does matter

We offer various packaging material options. Paper, corrugated fiberboard, Duplex board, high-density board, ivory board, or virgin paperboard.

Package it right

Products travel, and we all know that first impression is everything. Apt product packaging can make a good product, look great.

A Lasting Impression

The graphics on the box give the first impression of your product and brand. Exploit every inch of the box and make your product stand-out.

Convey Information

A multitude of information on the box such as contents, parts, warnings, UPC, dimensions, etc. makes it convenient for the customer to decide.

Brand it

Branding is a win-win for both suppliers and customers. It is crucial to add Product Name, Logo, Tagline, and other branding elements like QR codes.

Vibrant Colors

Our tool lets you go crazy with your creativity and you can design a perfect layout for the box you picked. Bring your imagination to life with high-quality, full-color printing.

Industries We Serve

Food Service

Advantages of Conpac

  • Import quality international products
  • Export premium NZ goods globally
  • Pack items for secure, safe transit & storage
  • Label goods to meet regulatory compliance
  • Construct marketing & advertising displays
  • Print customized packaging solution.