About Conpac

With over 50 years experience in all areas of packaging we give our customers reliable packaging product options & informed application advice and support


How to Customise Your Box?


We have a huge range of stock & custom print packaging options. We pride ourselves on supplying customers high quality products for all areas of the packaging industry.



Our goal is to increase our range of recyclable, sustainable & environmentally conscious products and packaging solutions in all product areas and applications. Providing sustainable packaging solutions benefits for all of us.



Our goal is to provide excellent customer, application & product support. The customer experience is very important for our company & our staff.


Outshine your brand name

by packing your products in premium boxes

Has the magnitude to ensemble any product

Different industries demand different types of boxes due to its products. One-size-fits-all does not work and hence different products require customized designs for optimal space usage and protective packaging and a brand image. Advanced technology provides us tons of options and guarantees accurate sizes with unique and specific dimensions for each product.

Sustain your brand by engraving it

Customization plays an important role in brand elevation. Brand specific design and color scheme makes you stand out from the competition and it also makes convenient for the customers to remember your brand and its products. A connect with the customer psyche through Innovative designs can be the difference between make and break.

Imprint informative descriptions

Printing all the necessary information on the box makes it extremely convenient for the customers to make a decision. Illustrations like logo, expiry-date, address, social media handles and other relevant information can be easily printed on the boxes. Best part with this information is that it increases customer’s trust on your brand.

Customize the box according to your wish

Customized boxes with an eye-catching display can be effective in making the customers identify your brand conveniently. You can choose design and style of the box depending on the demographic of your buyers. When a box design connects with the customer, they are more inclined to choose and buy your product than of your competitor.